Guy Gets Dragged On Twitter After Trying To Prove Male Privilege Is A Myth

Some people just want to watch their worlds burn. Dude all but lighted the match to stimulate himself the main victims of this fiery ragestorm. 1 Pin It Via @scrowder 2 Pin It Via @scrowder 3 Pin It Via @scrowder 4 Pin It Via @scrowder 5 Pin It Via @scrowder 6 Pin It Via @scrowder […]

Propose To Your Girlfriend Through Mario Maker – Video

To be honest, you both have to be kind of nerdy for this to have its desired effect. But when that’s the lawsuit, success insure( we’re not liable in any way if results are different …)! It’s me, Mario!

22 People Share the Craziest Things They’ve Done on Painkillers

Winners don’t use drugs, but these people did. Writer Nicole Cliffegot the ball rolling on weirdest post-surgery medication narratives, and twitter answered. 1 Pin It Via Twitter 2 Pin It Via Twitter 3 Pin It Via Twitter 4 Pin It Via Twitter 5 Pin It Via Twitter 6 Pin It Via Twitter 7 Pin It […]

21 Famous Things You’re Picturing Completely Wrong

We’re building memes smarter. So are you able. Visit the Photoplasty and Pictofacts Workshop to get started. With TV and the internet, it’s gotten this is why we don’t ever actually have to go anywhere, to watch everything. Just whip out your device, swipe a couple of times, and you’ve literally assured the world. The […]

The Much Better Movie Hiding In ‘Titanic’

It doesn’t seem like anyone remembers Titanic as a great movie, despite the fact that it won 11 goddamned Oscars. Perhaps it’s because we’ve decided that anything teen daughters like is dreadful. Or perhaps it’s that every line sounds like it was immediately facsimile and pasted from some other period romance movie. But what if […]


Smartest Police Dog Ever – Video

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Smartest Police Dog Ever – Video

It takes some skills and some brains to join the police( although that depends on who you ask ), but this smart dog certainly deserved his spot. No task too big and no bridge too far. Just let him know what you want done et voila … Done!

Amazing: The Papal Bobsled Team Just Took Home Bronze For Vatican City

Read more: http :// article/ amazing-papal-bobsled-team-just-took-home-bronze-v-7 450

Carrie Underwood Finds Out Cop Was in Horrific Car Crash, Then Uses Her Married Name to Donate $10,000

ShareTweet Country music star Carrie Underwood have all along inspired us with her faith-infused track to stardom. From her church-choir roots at First Free Will Baptist in rural areas in Oklahoma to her powerful performance of the Christian hymn “Softly and Tenderly” at the CMAs, she’s remained humble and true to her faith no matter […]

Flooding in Brazil Turns Nature Trail Into Surreal Underwater Fantasy World

Recent flooding at the Rio de Prata Ecological Preserve in Brazil has become their nature trails into a surreal, underwater fantasy world. What stimulates it so startling is that the water is so clear and calm. Read more: http :// videos/ flooding-in-brazil-turns-nature-trail-into-surreal-underwater-fantasy-world /

Soldier Surprises Mother At Work – Video

We’ve understood these videos a thousand times, but what induces this one special is the great put up. The soldier goes incognito behind his newspaper, and mails his mom on a little hide-and-seek mission. Her reaction is both adorable and explosive!


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