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37 Incredible Modular Origami Works by Ekaterina Lukasheva

Ekaterina’ Kate’ Lukasheva is an incredible Origami artist and decorator from Moscow, Russia. The artist has had a fascination with puzzles and construction sets since childhood and first discovered origami in her teens. With its intricate folds and geometric patterns, there’s a lot of math in origami and Ekaterina would afterward graduate with honors from […]

When You Miss Someone’s Call But You Call Back…

Read more: http :// // illustrations/ when-you-miss-someones-call-you-call-back /~ ATAGEND

Sensible Gun Reform: Florida Will Now Require Anyone Carrying Out A School Shooting To Be Accompanied By A Therapist To Ensure Theyre Not Mentally Ill

Sadly, many students and teachers in America today live in constant fear that their school could someday be attacked by a deranged gunman. But after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida lawmakers have finally stepped up to pass legislation that will protect students in their nation from experiencing a similar nightmare: […]

19 Black Panther Memes That Get 2 Thumbs Up

Wakanda eternally! 1 Pin It Via 2 Pin It Via Know Your Meme 3 Pin It Via kingofmyvision 4 A post shared by Allen Harris (@ kingofmyvision ) on Feb 18, 2018 at 7:53 am PST Pin It Via waveys_world Read more: http :// 4856581/ 19 -black-panther-memes-that-get-2-thumbs-up

Donald Trump Jr. says hes amazed poor people can be happy

Read more: https :// layer8/ trump-jr-poor-people-india /

5 Insanely Important Jobs (We’re Running Out Of People For)

Supply and requirement should ensure that we never run out of people to do the really key undertakings. If there was a dire famine of, say, potato chip flavor developers( don’t panic, this is strictly theoretical ), chip corporations would make the wage and perks of the job more attractive, colleges would hype up the […]

17 Times The CorrectNames Twitter Account Was A Comedy Genius

Whoever is operating this account has a gift. 1 Pin It Via @correctnames 2 Pin It Via @correctnames 3 Pin It Via @correctnames 4 Pin It Via @correctnames 5 Pin It Via @correctnames 6 Pin It Via @correctnames 7 Pin It Via @correctnames 8 Pin It Via @correctnames 9 Pin It Via @correctnames 10 Pin […]


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