Britney Spears Is Now BFFs With Olympians Adam Rippon And Gus Kenworthy And We Are Jealous!!!

Do y’all have room for another BFF ??? Pleeeeeeeeeease ??? On Saturday afternoon, Brit mailed a personalized tweet to Kenworthy ahead of one of his runs down the slopes for Team USA( below ): So proud of Can we be BFFs with these three too ?? Some guys have all the luck! Ha !!! [ […]

Give Me Five. Not In The Mood. Hey… Someone…

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Passing another new law will somehow make a difference because…..?

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Donald Trump Posted A Lot Of Shitty Tweets This Morning, But This One Was Definitely The Worst

Are you serious, It’s this one here, in which Trump somehow apparently argues that the FBI Some portions of the FBI analyse your crooked ass … while other COMPLETELY SEPARATE portions of the FBI deal with felonies and menaces like the Florida school shooter. It’s a big organisation. It can do multiple things at once. […]

Dude’s Operations Manager Pulls Off Historically Lazy, Yet Amazing Command

Never have I EVER been SO inspired by SUCH laziness. This man’s the modern day champ of laziness that everyone is never knew we needed. 1 Pin It Via Waitihavesomething4this 2 Pin It Via Waitihavesomething4this

Youre The Worlds Most Successful Pickup Artist. Can You Have Sex With The President Of The United States?

This feature requires JavaScript to role . Go fuck the president. Okay. You will fuck the president without any assist. See if the president will meet you in the lumbers or at Sports Authority, and then try to fuck him there. Here you are at the White House, the old motel where the president and […]

Fergie Is OUT Of The Black Eyed Peas!

First the The 42 -year-old rapper explains: “We are now a trio. I don’t know who you are Fergie isn’t on the project. You will have to ask Fergie that.” When asked how the new line-up would work on tour, the producer defensively hit back by calling 😛 TAGEND “You know we are actually capable […]

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Elon Musks Boring Company gets preliminary permit for NYC-DC Hyperloop

A 29 -minute trip from D.C. to New York may seem too good to be true. And it very well may be. But that isn’t stopping Elon Musk from pushing forward with plans to build a Hyperloop along the eastern corridor. And while it’s a very small, very vague step forward, Musk’s Boring Company has […]

The Evolution Of Windows Startup Sounds – Video

Remember the golden old days of our digital life? Computer were a novelty back then, and so were the musics that came with them. To be honest , not much has changed in this department.


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