Bizarre New Christmas Trend Sees Women Decorating Their Boobs To Look Like Rudolph

There are plenty of things we associate with everyone’s favorite vacation of the year, Christmas. Presents, Christmas trees, meat, Christmas songs are all part and parcel of the festive season. Of course, there’s ever the infamously ugly Christmas sweaters that you have to wear at least once during the Chrismas period if you are able […]

Watch – Man Tries To Rob Store With Sword

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Perfect Sync

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Perfect Sync

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There Are A Million Ways To Say ” I Love You “…

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Science Has Proven That Parents Prefer Their First-Born Child To Their Siblings

Whether they care to admit it or not, your parents have a favorite child. If you confront them about this, they’ll deny it. “We love you all equally, ” they’ll say while asking one child to do the dishes as the other cozily watches TV. As the first-born child, it’s more than likely that you’ll […]

People Left Outraged After Prince Harry Broke Military Protocol During Remembrance Day Parade

Yesterday, 100 years ago, our ancestors were fighting for our freedom in shallow excavations across Europe during one of the deadliest campaigns this planet has ever witnessed. The First World War claimed the well-being of an estimated 14 million people over such courses of a turbulent four years, prompting mass mourning be included with gala […]

Carousel in Bergamo, Italy Catches Fire and Looks Metal AF

Photograph via Satan_is_my_Username on reddit In the city of Bergamo, Italy a carousel recently caught burn and the scene appeared utterly apocalyptic. A reddit user, fittingly called Satan_is_my_Username, uploaded the photo that one of his friends took and shared with him. In specific comments part, another user, the2belo, said it best: THE END IS NEIGH […]

Gamers Are Trolling EA Over Star Wars Battlefront II Controversy

Reddit is still overflowing with anti-EA memes following the company’s decision to force players to expend exorbitant sums of hour – or money – to unlock certain characters. The gaming community refers to this as “pay to win, ” and as one can see from the memes below, this kind of gaming doesn’t have many […]

When You Realize the Concert Crowd is a Cotton Harvester at Night

Photograph by @micah. b.horn on Instagram At first glance you might think you’re looking at a huge concert crowd but it’s actually a photo of several industrial cotton harvesting machines at night. The photo was taken by @micah. b.horn on Instagram and the image rapidly went viral after being posted on reddit. Don’t feel too […]

Them – You’re Wrong It’s Not True…

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