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21 Famous Things You’re Picturing Completely Wrong

We’re building memes smarter. So are you able. Visit the Photoplasty and Pictofacts Workshop to get started. With TV and the internet, it’s gotten this is why we don’t ever actually have to go anywhere, to watch everything. Just whip out your device, swipe a couple of times, and you’ve literally assured the world. The […]

The Much Better Movie Hiding In ‘Titanic’

It doesn’t seem like anyone remembers Titanic as a great movie, despite the fact that it won 11 goddamned Oscars. Perhaps it’s because we’ve decided that anything teen daughters like is dreadful. Or perhaps it’s that every line sounds like it was immediately facsimile and pasted from some other period romance movie. But what if […]

5 Insanely Important Jobs (We’re Running Out Of People For)

Supply and requirement should ensure that we never run out of people to do the really key undertakings. If there was a dire famine of, say, potato chip flavor developers( don’t panic, this is strictly theoretical ), chip corporations would make the wage and perks of the job more attractive, colleges would hype up the […]

‘Doctors Should Wash Their Hands’ Used To Be Controversial

Back in 19 th-century Vienna, health official Ignaz Semmelweis came up with the insanely radical, outside-the-box suggestion that doctors should start cleaning their hands if they managed corpses before they assisted in births. Watch, virtually 20 percentage of births assisted by male doctors at the time ended with the baby, the mother, or both succumbing. […]

5 Priceless Treasures That Got Destroyed In Stupid Dumb Ways

Accidents happen. You fell your partner’s favorite coffee mug, your dog destroyed your beloved sweater, your dads deleted your video game save file and blamed it on ghosts — we’ve all “ve been there”. For the most portion, we learn to forgive, forget, and move on with “peoples lives” … but that’s because our goofy […]

5 Sexual Mishaps That Are More Common Than You’d Think

What’s your worst-case sex scenario? Farting? Nah, that happens to everyone every single period they have sex.( RIGHT ?!?) How about exploding into tears? Or spontaneously pee-pee? No matter what it is, trust me, it’s route more common than you think. Hopefully this information will make it slightly less mortifying next time. Read Next 4 […]

Donald Trump’s 6 Very Real, Very Insane Tips For A Good Life

Whatever you induce of him politically, there’s no denying that Donald Trump has been alive for a long, long time. That is literally the least that we can give him. So it stands to reason that he must know something — that he must have some standards or guidelines by which person or persons be […]

6 Famous Directors Who Were Deranged Creeps On Set

It’s easy to forget that despite all the costumes, play-fighting, and presence of Jared Leto, a movie defined is still a workplace environ . Time cards are punched, hangovers are disguised, and there’s a business hierarchy. Likewise like any workplace, there’s that one agency creeping who somehow keeps their chore while building everyone feeling uncomfortable. […]

5 Very Stupid Things Hollywood Taught You About Fighting

Deep down, we like to think we’ve subconsciously assimilated so much knowledge from pop culture that we could comprise our own in a fight, despite has no such real training and, like … objectively the worst torsoes. But even if we could absorb abilities through movies, we’d still be bolt. In reality, John Wick’s bulletproof […]

7 Serious Problems That Had Hilarious Cartoon Solutions

As weird monkeys with too much imagination, we humans generally like some outside-the-box reasoning. Whether it’s a time-saving lifehack or a crazy new potato chip flavor, we’re all about being creative and doing the unexpected. However, when it comes to solving big issues, we tend to be more reserved, carefully weighing options and building rational […]


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