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The Evolution Of Windows Startup Sounds – Video

Remember the golden old days of our digital life? Computer were a novelty back then, and so were the musics that came with them. To be honest , not much has changed in this department.


Helium Opera Singing – Video

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Helium Opera Singing – Video

People still get amazed and surprised by the voice you create when helium is involved. Don’t ask me the scientific stuff behind all that, all I know is this girl makes some amazing music when on helium.

Busker Performs To Group Of Kittens In Malaysia – Video

As a true musician, you don’t care about your audience. You merely want to express yourself in your( hopefully beautiful) music. Naturally, you might find yourself the working day performing in front of a wild audience of kittens. Fun!

Chicken Plays Operatic Aria On Piano Keyboard – Video

Chickens can do anything they determine their mind to, we all know that! But what if a chicken runs where no other chicken has gone before? What if they tried to play the forte-piano and not suck at it? This chicken dared to dream and succeeded formidably!

Eric Clapton Apologizes for Racist Past: I Sabotaged Everything

The British guitar legend Eric Clapton has told of the self-disgust he felt at discovering age-old footage of she was married to George Harrison. ” I knew it was wrong, George was my best friend ,” he says,” But I felt the compulsion toward her. She was the most incredible female I had ever satisfied. […]

How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To Hey Ya!?

You’ve heard it hundreds of times, but do you* truly* know Outkast’s’ Hey Ya! ’? Throw your lyrical knowledge to the test! Our state-of-the-art quizzes involve JavaScript. 1. “One, two, three, _____.” hey ya! Not quite. “Hey Ya! ” actually kicks off with Andre 3000 ’s now-famous count-in, “One, two, three, song time! ” Outkast! […]


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