‘Wonder Woman 2’ will be the first film to implement new anti-sexual harassment guidelines


Wonder Woman 2 will be the first major film to set new anti-sexual harassment guidelines created by the Producers Guild of America in place after the PGA exposed them last week.

The announcement came from PGA Presidents Gary Lucchesi and Lori McCreary at the PGA Awards Saturday night, according to Vanity Fair ’s Rebecca Keegan.

The new anti-sexual harassment guidelines, which the PGA liberated on Friday, were the work of the PGA’s anti-sexual harassment task force. It’s a result of three months of study, and the letter from Lucchesi and McCreary uncovering the employment guidelines stresses that they’re a work in progress and that are able to change and evolve.

“Sexual harassment can no longer be tolerated in our industry or within the ranks of the Producers Guild membership, ” Lucchesi and McCreary told Variety on Friday. “We provide key leadership in creating and maintaining work environments is built around reciprocal respect, so it is our obligation to change our culture and eradicate this abuse. While the PGA is a voluntary membership organization, the PGA’s anti-sexual harassment guidelines are sanctioned as best practises for our members.”

Those guidelines suggest that casting and crew should receive anti-sexual harassment training at the start of production, recommends different ways of reporting sexual harassment, and advises producers to be on the lookout for potential reprisal. For all those people who sexually harassed on-set, the PGA recommends documenting harassment, talking to the harasser, and telling them what was inappropriate about their behaviour if they feel safe to do so, and reporting it to one of the people designated and trained to handle sexual harassment.

The guidelines were created in the wake of reports of systematic sexual harassment in Hollywood, including the dozens of women who say that Harvey Weinsteinsexually harassed and sexually assaulted dozens of women over several decades. Weinstein was banned for life from the PGA last year.

It also arrives as several wives “re just saying that” Brett Ratner–who was a producer on Wonder Woman sexually harassed them and Ellen Page “re just saying that” Ratner harassed and abused her on the situated of X-Men: The Last Stand . Ratner is no longer serving as a producer on Wonder Woman 2 .

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